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Crowds celebrate outside the White House after President Obama announced that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a special op in Pakistan today. Photo by Ramy Yaacoub. (Taken with instagram)

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8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals restores NFL lockout, grants request for temporary stay

The NFL may be headed back to a lockout.

A federal appeals court in St. Louis late Friday granted the owners’ request to temporarily put on hold U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling that lifted the lockout.

The order came only hours after teams opened their doors to players and some of the basic football operations began, and it came as the second round of the draft was under way. There was no immediate word from the NFL on whether the lockout would resume.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Appeals Court said that it would grant the stay while considering the league’s appeal of the Nelson’s injunction.

The 2-1 decision included a lengthy dissent.

Courtesy: AP

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Our Taky Ono is on the scene of a plane crash in Pulaski.  A 67-year-old man from Green Bay was taken by Eagle III to the hospital.  His condition is unknown.

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Nearly all power is restored to Green Bay after being out for several hours.  Winds undid a temporary fix to massive power line failures following last week’s major snowstorm.

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Major Winter Storm Headed to NE WI

A major winter storm could bring as much as 6”-10” of snow to parts of the Fox Valley, Green Bay, and areas to the west.  It is expected to start late Tuesday morning and wrap up on Wendesday.  Stay tuned to Action 2 News for the latest on the storm’s path.

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